In the early 60s, Detroit was on the move. It was Motown U.S.A. , home to major auto makers, and the newly formed Motown Records. Motown founder Berry Gordy not only lent an ear to a different kind of music in the air from a newly energized city. He coined it “the sound of young America....” And believed it would break down the barriers between black and white popular music.

What's at the heart of the “Motown Sound” is questionable even today. Of course, there were stylistic elements that artists of the 60's and 70's shared. But these same artists represented such distinct styles, and were so different from each other, that one could only agree that a single “Motown Sound” is a myth. Unless you believe that there is no difference between the Contours' “Do You Love Me,” Mary Well's “My Guy,” The Four Tops' “Reach Out I'll Be There,” and Marvin Gayes' “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

Only one group, dedicated to recreating the Motown experience in both music and dance, understands the similarities and differences of the Motown Sound. They are The Fabulous Motown Revue. A wide range of audiences nationwide, including major corporations and organizations, have seen and heard for themselves what could only be described as true Motown. Mo'feeling....Mo'sound....Mo'everything...

The Fabulous Motown Revue features many players who were actually “walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk” in the heart of the 60's Motown Movement. That's the secret to their success.

Performing together for over 25 years, many members of The Fabulous Motown Revue have played with The Four Tops, Martha Reeves, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Mary Wilson, The Temptations, and many other Motown favorites.

Able to be personalized to fit any occasion, the show's format and length can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. A standard show by The Fabulous Motown Revue is a multi-hour experience as multi-faceted as the Detroit assembly lines on which Motown was born.

Whether you're looking for a dance band that twists and shouts or background music for an intimate gathering...The Fabulous Motown Revue is the choice...uptown, downtown, MOTOWN! 


190 Carondelet Plaza * St. Louis, MO 63105 * (314) 721-9090 x215